Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Spooktacular Trade

Jeans: Topshop    Velvet top: Vintage     Shoes: Vintage    Fuzzy Stole: Dressing up box
Vest: ANGEL BREANA     Axoltol Embroidery Pins: Leighlalovesyou   
Dreamy Pin: Cryybaby    Angry Alien Pin: Etteshop    Alien Guy Pin & Moon Pin: Bodypartss
Leave Me Alone Pin: Lunamothshop    Loser Hand Medal Pin: Hoodratroughdiamond

Cast your peepers over this exquisite object. I can't believe it has been made just. for. me. From Bree, for me. I am a lucky old soul. If there has ever been a post to celebrate the wonder of Tumblr and trades and fabulous human beings, this is the one. I can't even begin to stress my gratitude, I love it so much and it is super special to me. Everytime I wear it, I will think of her little smiling face. Thank you eternally, BaBree, you have helped me become the best space maiden I can be xoxoxoxox

Monday, 18 February 2013

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Today me and Sam went on a belated Valentines bowling date. I'm happy to announce that I won 3 games out of 4. What a better way to shellabrate than an outfit post with my all time favourite shirt. Girl Power ✌

T-shirt: Vintage    Cardigan: H&M    Skirt: AA    Tights: Gift     Shoes: Vintage   Collar Necklace: Topshop
Dog Necklace: BuriedDiamond     Alien Pin: EtteShop

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Leigh Wowzer

As an overbearing axolotl mommy, I make sure to snap up all and any axolotl products I can get my hands on. I guess this is the equivalent of those mums who get their babies photographed in plantpots and such. Anyway, the more personalised, the better. When I saw this listing, , I tried to manage my excitement levels because I figured axolotls wouldn't be on the list of embroider friendly pets but no, I was so so wrong. Leigh was so friendly and flexible and managed to create 2 wonder babies spit spot. I'm so happy with them and proud to pop them on show for all to see. Not only does she do great pet embroideries, she's also got a range of our favourites including my homeboy, Steve Zissou.

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This Valentines Day was so great. Me and Sam swapped gifts the night before and he drew me as the wisp maiden of the marimo forest riding on one of my humble axolotl steeds and he got me stickers of my logo so I can look all professional and fancy. I decoupaged a penguin for him with all our favourite things and best JenSam moments and got him a fuzzy armadilly friend. For the big day we went to Leicester and I managed to get a bunch of stuff to stock up my Etsy and then I managed to persuade him to queue up for half an hour to see the Richard III exhibition. He doesn't care for kings in car parks but I do. We also checked out the car park where he was found which has already been recemented and we went into the cathedral and lit some candles for the old boy and had a peek at his memorial plaque. The inside scoop from the cathedral guide worker man is that Leicester definitely have the rights to keep Richard here which is pretty cool for Leicester as Richard is all we have but I think it kind of sucks for Richard himself as a) Leicester have already had him for 500 years and they didn't look after him very well, building a car park over him and all b) He's from York so I bet he'd prefer to go back up there. The exhibition itself didn't tell me too much that I didn't already know and it was super tiny and chock a block with teens who were hoping to see a dead body, but instead got a glance at a plastic skull, but I'm glad I went and absorbed some Richard vibes.


SO sweet, thank you thank you thank you xo