Monday, 28 January 2013


Sam's mum is trying to get everyone that comes into the house to paint an animal so I had a go at painting Spook. I haven't painted since I was 15 and my art teacher said I was basically crud at all art so I just automatically veered away from everything creative for a long long time. So I'm pretty happy that I've gone and done a paint. I don't really care what it looks like but I think I captured Spook's little dragon smile and that's good enough for me. Screw you, Mrs Eyre.


Who can walk into a charity shop and walk right out again without this guy in their pockets? First of all he's a pastel rainbow child. Second of all, he's a jellyfish and no kids ever want to buy jellyfish, they always go for the cats and the bunnies. Third of all, his name is Goochy, which is kind of pervy so he's going to live with me in a safe haven without prejudice from now on.
Also, just as I was hunting for a new shirt with an extreme collar, Sam's mum found me one in a charity shop. The thrifting Gods have shined upon me this day.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Captain Creepy

This post is to raise a metaphorical glass to the beautiful and talented Miss Dani Von Gore ( We did a trade (my first ever art trade) and I couldn't be happier with this little package of rainbows and happiness. She drew me, Snork and Spook altogether as a sweet angel family which makes me very happy as I always get tank envy and want to hug them but I'm not allowed thanks to the goddamn laws of the universe. I will definitely be trading with her again, the queen of sublime packaging. Check out her shop here!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Pigeon Privilege

Hat: Topshop     Snood:  Asos      Dungaree Dress: Topshop     Pigeon Brooch: Etsy    Tights: Ebay     Socks: Ebay     Gumboots: Ebay

{My boyfriend and his family just got a puppy Border Collie called Maisy (although I prefer to call her Sir Puppington, Puppelaia, Count Puppula, Pandapop, Pandaface etc) and she's my new best bud. The last few days have consisted of napping by the fire with my little friend, hiding out from the snow and playing growl ball.}

This outfit post is to speak out for pigeon privilege, a matter very close to my heart.  In my 22 years on this earth, too many times have I come across pigeon abuse. I don't know why some people think it's okay if they see a bunch of pigeons just having a Sunday stroll around the park, their first reaction is to run at these birds and try and boot them as hard as they can. Would you do that to a toucan or a penguin? 
I was once walking through Milan with some friends and one veered away from the pigeons, scowling and calling them 'rats with wings' and my mum often says 'they carry diseases'. I find that weird because I've never caught a cough from a pigeon. Also, doesn't every organism carry diseases? Did anyone think that maybe pigeons might catch a flu from us? Pigeons don't even have the NHS. As I've mentioned ye olde 'rats with wings' slur, I might as well say that my writing applies to rats as well (rights for rats). 
Pigeons are domesticated rock doves that have returned to wild or semi-wild conditions. They are one of few animals that have a sense of self and can recognise a picture of themselves in a reflection. Why is everyone amazed when it's a dolphin but never bothered when it's a pigeon?  They can also recognise individual people and are not fooled by a change of clothes. Although they might not be the most elegant looking birds from afar, eating scabby chips of the floor in the town centre, their coat has IRIDESCENT patches. Little patches of magic. And who doesn't love that cooing sound they make that marks the end of a Summer day?
Give peace a chance yo.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stitch Witches

Necklace:  Extollo Jewelry      Moon Pin and Loser Medal Pin:  Hoodratroughdiamond      Rosette:  Poesie Grenadine      Shimmer Vest:  Asos       Green Bandeau: Primark

I'm enjoying trading so much, it's super fun, especially when you can hold such a piece of wonder in your hands as this amazing Stitch Witches rosette. I'm a bit of an imposter because I'm not that great at working with fabric but Kate ( and Hannah ( have totally inspired me to give it a go so I'm learning to knit and embroider and me and my boyfriend ( should be collab-ing on some patches soon.
To sum up: Kate is a huge babe and makes pretty things.
Her blog entry on our swap is here:

Disco morbid is going to happen, Kate xoxo

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sooty Sprite

Me and my marimo, Sooty.

Marimo (毬藻) moss balls are actually a type of algae that grows spherically as it rolls in the water. Because they only grow 5mm a month, they are easy to take care of, but they are also very rare and can only be found in a few parts of the world including Japan & Iceland. Because of their rarity and beauty, a festival called Marimo Matsuri takes place every year in Hokkaido, Japan where all the marimo plants in the Lake Akanko are taken out, individually cleaned, and placed back into the water. Not only are they adorable, but they are considered a national treasure in Japan.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Sci-Fi Spangles

For Sale HERE.

For Sale HERE.
 Tunic: Vintage    Boots: Vintage    Fuzzy snood: Asos    Badges: Hoodratroughdiamond 

"I feel."
"What do you feel, Lal?"
"I love you, father."
"I wish I could feel it with you."
"I will feel it for both of us... thank you for my life."