Sunday, 11 November 2012

I'm a Shop

Oh my glob, I've finally taken the leap and opened my own little shop: . Super happy with the way it's turned out and hope some people like the same things as me and want to snap them up, although if noone does I have no problem with keeping my creations warm on my jacket. Am I a business? Am I a adult now?

Glow in the Dark Gummy Mouse

Eyeball Game Pin

Ghostie with the Mostie Pin

Live Slow, Die Whenever Pin

Sweet Tooth Pin

Johnny Depp Cry-Baby Pin

Pinkie-Pie Glitter Bone Barrette

Goofy Dinosaur Pin

Batty Bowtie Pin

Googly Fleur Barrettes

Glitter Scarab Pin

Spooky Mulder Hair Barrettes

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