Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Custard Factory

Me and Sam decided to nip to the Bullring last week for some bratwurst and gluhwein but had to veer away from the sausage goodness because of Birmingham jerks on Christmas sprees with jabby elbows and rampant pushchairs, so we ended up at the Custard Factory. Apparently it's where custard was invented- a humbling experience. I loved it so much! Highlights were a John Lennon doll (the New York years) and a taxidermy sassy looking fox head but alas, I didn't have enough pennies to make either my own. However, I did manage to snap up some threads for the shop including this pair of dungarees pictured above that I got for 2 single pounds. It's too painful to part with them at the minute, they'll have to live in my wardrobe for a while. But do check out the other new items!

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