Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stitch Witches

Necklace:  Extollo Jewelry      Moon Pin and Loser Medal Pin:  Hoodratroughdiamond      Rosette:  Poesie Grenadine      Shimmer Vest:  Asos       Green Bandeau: Primark

I'm enjoying trading so much, it's super fun, especially when you can hold such a piece of wonder in your hands as this amazing Stitch Witches rosette. I'm a bit of an imposter because I'm not that great at working with fabric but Kate ( and Hannah ( have totally inspired me to give it a go so I'm learning to knit and embroider and me and my boyfriend ( should be collab-ing on some patches soon.
To sum up: Kate is a huge babe and makes pretty things.
Her blog entry on our swap is here:

Disco morbid is going to happen, Kate xoxo

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