Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Spring has finally sprung, the daffodils are daffodiling about and the smell of grass is lingering in the air. It's the perfect day for a cemetery book reading. It's days like this when I miss the uni cemetery and my lunchtime break spot. Alas, to quench my thirst I thought a swing on some swings might help and it did. So while I was swinging on the swings and reading the signs in the playground saying 'no ball games, no skating, no people above this height', a lady walked past me with her dog and kind of gave me a half smile/half pity look, I'm sure you know the type. I figured it must be because I'm 22, alone in a playground and sucking on a lollipop. Then I started to think, why is that lady denying herself the pleasure of a swing?! She walked right past it, there was one free, it was right there. To me, this is some kind of sacrilege. I thought it was kind of sad how people older than 10 are looked down upon for playing in playgrounds. They're built for kids specifically which is annoying because my legs kept hitting the rubber floor, but why? Being a kid, I'm talking about age 2-8 here, mostly involves playing around, colouring in, screaming, pooping and people putting on a ridiculous voice and telling you whatever you want to hear. Being an adult so far has included exams, essays, job seeking, failure and an overall sense of inadequacy. Wouldn't it be a better idea to build playgrounds for adults so that when you're having a cruddy day, you can just pop off for 5mins and have a swing or sit on a roundabout, release some stress. No kids allowed because they've got it best if anything. I miss the days of sliding down a slide without my feet hitting the floor after a millisecond and without being with anyone who says 'don't touch the slide, that's where the tramps piss.' I would rather get 100 tramp piss patches on my jeans than walk past a slide.


  1. your blog and tumblr is literally the most perfect thing omg i've reblogged your giveaway so many times

    also "I would rather get 100 tramp piss patches on my jeans than walk past a slide." will be my mantra forever



    1. Thank you ever so! Keep collecting those tramp piss patches and good luck in the comp, not long now :0) xo

  2. I love your necklace so much ! D:

  3. Love your blog <3