Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tooth Fury

 This week has been a sad week. My teeth moved out (were forcibly removed) by a dentist man and I got a job and heaven knows I'm miserable now.
I've got severe dental phobia so I had to be sedated for the procedure and had to bring an escort (my pap) along with me. Sadly he decided to almost faint watching MY mouth being sliced and diced and we had to go in an ambulance to the hospital while I was still sedated. I don't remember how I got out of the dentist's chair and down the stairs but I DO remember telling dad to get out of hospital bed because I needed to sleep. I also remember letting the blood soaker uppers slop out of my mouth onto the hospital reception desk while I was trying to ask the nice lady for some more dressing.
At least now I have some extra friends. I really like their little legs, I might buy some barbie shoes for them. Another new buddy in the bedroom clan is my tamagotchi, Pumpernickel. In other news, I have so many great new things for the shop which will be put up over the next week or so, yipee!

Necklace by Natali Koromoto

90s Metallic Tshirt for sale here.

Vintage 80s Ghostbusters Carry Case for sale here.


  1. Ahh you look so awesome. The sweater and tights and lipstick and carry case-amazing.

    1. Thanks babykek! I'll be such a grump if someone buys the ghostbusters case ha xo

  2. The teeth look cool atleast! Your sweater and tights are awesome!!

  3. why haven't i found your blog earlier? you style is amazing! i love all these pop&spooky clothes <33 your jumper and lips are awesome~
    i'm definitely a new follower!

    [my weirdoland -]